Five practical tips for buying a used car from Japan


Well, many people prefer purchasing a brand new car. And some people like you prefer Japanese second hand cars. The main reason for buying used cars can be getting the most ‘value for money’ and future savings. Since Japanese technology cars get made with high standards and quality, it makes sense to buy them. Below are five practical tips for buying a used car from Japan.

1 – Select the exporter wisely 

The exporter you choose must be reliable. Here are a few points which you should consider while choosing the car exporters:

  • Choose the exporter who has long years of working experience (ideally more than 10)
  • Look for a registered company having valid registration number and police verified certification
  • Check and confirm the address, e-mail, and website
  • Also, check the landline phone number of the exporter
  • The exporter should also be a member of associations and auction houses

2 – Check the stock and prices

When you shortlist a couple of exporters, it’s essential to check their stock and pricing. First, you need to verify the condition of the vehicle. You can go through its pictures, details, and chassis numbers. If the vehicle is from auction, you may compare details with the inspection sheet. It’s crucial to compare the pricing of the same model from 2-4 dealers. It gives you a better idea of market prices and helps you find a reasonable deal.

3 – Learn all the car information 

When you know all the required information, buying Japanese second hand cars becomes fairly simple. It would help if you did detailed research on the vehicle you’re planning to buy. You can go to the car dealer’s website and learn about the vehicle’s current selling price. It helps to see all the different model and their specifications, functions, and features, etc. When you have all the right details, you can compare and choose a suitable car for yourself.

4 – Manage your finances

If you don’t have adequate funds for buying Japanese used cars, you may consider getting a loan. But keep in mind not to spend more than 15% of your monthly payment towards the loan. Before you take the loan, consider your regular monthly payments. It includes utility bills, house rents, etc. If you’re planning to buy through an auction, then set a budget and stick to it. Note that there are various initial expenses before you can drive your car. They consist of car tax, registration fees, import duties, etc.

5 – Be thorough with paperwork 

Once you have chosen a particular vehicle for buying, ask the car dealer for its original documents. It’s best to ask for the vehicle inspection report and ownership history. It helps you determine if the car has any accidental history. Also, talk to your dealer about the documents you will need for vehicle clearance. And work with a local clearing agent to mitigate problems.

To summarize

Those were the five practical tips for buying used cars from Japan. You must select the exporter wisely and learn all the necessary car information. It helps when you work with a local and reliable clearing agent. By following the above tips, you can indeed make a foolproof purchase.