How often should you service your Tesla? 


Maintaining the maintenance of Tesla is relatively easy, according to one of the promises that the revolution in electric vehicles will bring. Since having fewer mechanical parts inside the vehicle means that you will not need the cost and hassle of regular oil maintenance and transmission fluid replacements or flushing coolant. 

Maintaining the Tesla on the road is not easy as the service facilities are not as widespread as regular auto shops. Tesla produces fully electric vehicles, which means that they do not require regular maintenance such as changing the oil and spark plugs. Like all cars, Tesla still needs proper maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Therefore, what is the frequency at which Tesla requires maintenance?

Tesla Aftercare does not have an exact timeframe for maintenance. Tesla recommends servicing your vehicle as often as you need to. Thus, the amount of time and expense of maintaining your car can vary between years. Whatever the case, certain service maintenances require frequent attention and comprise:

  • Balance, tire rotation, and alignment of wheels 
  • Cabin air filter needs to be replaced regularly as it keeps pollen, dust, or other particles escaping through the vents 
  • Test of brake fluid test for brake fluid Tesla recommends that customers check the brake fluid once every two years and replace it as often as necessary
  • Replace High-efficiency particulate matter (HEPA) filter every two years
  • Service for air conditioning this service includes changing the desiccant bag in the A/C to ensure the maximum efficiency and longevity of the vehicle’s cooling system. 
  • Care for winter applies to those who live in colder regions. Be sure to clean and lubricate the brake calipers once every 12 months at the latest, or every 12,500 miles.

Why should I apply the ceramic coating? 

As opposed to wax, the ceramic coatings are applied one time and offer long-term protection against all elements, which includes UV radiations, water-borne contaminants road salts, and bird droppings as well as harsh carwash chemicals. If you are looking to cut costs on maintenance costs for your Tesla choose a ceramic coating since it is less than waxing in the end.

With a ceramic coating, your vehicle is kept well maintained, which means that it is less necessary to clean it with water. 

Washing and waxing frequently mean polluting the environment with chemicals and wasting valuable water sources. Because the ceramic coating is not washed off and is applied only once, you can reduce the environmental impact further.

The ceramic coating can be used to be applied to different parts of the exterior of the vehicle, i.e. windows, windshields, and even wheels. Make sure your windshield is protected it requires to keep rain staining off. You can remove them manually, but it is going to take a lot of energy and effort. Instead of spending hours cleaning the stain, apply the ceramic coating to provide lasting protection.