How to Install Leather Car Seat Covers By Yourself


Since the leather covers and upholstery of your vehicle tend to wear out, installing leather seat cover would preserve the looks of the interior of your car. A leather car seat is fantastic, not just for the comfort it gives, but for the stylish glamor, the interior of your vehicle receives.

If you don’t mind the fee, then you can have the car leather seat coversyou have to get installed in a shop. But frankly, the leather seat cover installation is pretty straightforward and easy. If you can do it yourself, you’ll save time and money.

How do you personally install leather car seat covers?

  • Carefully Remove the Headrests To Fit the Leather Car Seat Cover

Remove the headrest so you can easily insert the car seat cover. If your car has no headrest, please be so kind as to skip this step. Now, if your vehicle has headrests, you’ll be putting holes in them, unless your leather car seat covers have built-in headrest covers. If so, you can slip them in now.

  • Go Over the Backseat and Cautiously Slip the Cover

We can all agree that even a little snug in the car seat covers doesn’t look too pretty, right? Grab a coat hanger and use it to pull the loops located in the front towards the underside of the car seat.

  • Properly Secure the Hooks and the Loops in the Seats

Elastic loops are for snugly holding on to the seat covers. Adjust them to your desired length.

  • Create Marks in the Headrest and Put Holes in It

Slowly find the holes that are will hold the headrest by feeling them. Put holes in those spots and align them to the sides of the car.

  • Slip the Headrest In For Completion

Finally, put those headrests in through the holes that you initially made and firmly press them.

A bit of advice: cars have built-in airbags that will interfere with leather car seat covers. Be sure to check your manual first before installing them.

And now you have finished installing those leather seat covers by yourself. Pretty cool, right? Not only did you save money from the leather seat cover installations, but you’ve also proven to yourself that you can install them by yourself. Good job, you!