How to Care for Tinted Windows


Window tints are a great way of enhancing the vehicle’s appearance. Besides the appearance, tints also ensure privacy and escape from heat. Many people are unaware that these tints block harmful rays from the sun. Therefore, if someone advises you against getting tints, list down its numerous advantages including the ones we just mentioned.

However, this article is not about the advantages of tints or its disadvantages for that matter. Instead, we will be focusing on how to care for car windows that are tinted. We are assuming that you have had your windows tinted already. If not, then make sure to check out the local laws regarding tinting.

Some countries or local states have banned them outright while others allow tinting up to a certain limit. For instance, the UAE allows vehicle owners to tint their windows up to 50 per cent. Previously, it was outright banned in the UAE. Therefore, be wise, and make sure to know the relevant laws and you always get your car window tinting from experts in UAE. Now, let us talk about caring for tinted windows.

Caring for Tinted Windows

First things first. Due to the tinted film on the window, cleaning them is a bit different from non-tinted windows. Using non-compatible chemicals can degrade the film. It can result in premature wearing off and require you to get the windows tinted again. For this, you will need a spray bottle and paper towels. A microfibre cloth will also do the trick.

Spray the water onto the window. Then use the paper towel or microfibre cloth to clean the window. Repeat the process and all the dirt has been removed. You can also add a detergent to the water if you wish or skip the water and stick to the detergent. But make sure that the detergent or the solution does not contain ammonia. Why? The reason is quite simple.

Ammonia can wear down the tinted film. You might soon start to witness the paper tearing up, leaving tiny holes. Unfortunately, these tiny holes are not easy to fix and the whole film needs to be replaced. Hence, be absolutely certain that there is no ammonia in the solution or detergent that you are going to use.

Roll down the window and clean the top of the window too. There is a lot of dirt trapped here. So, make sure to clean it thoroughly. Ensure that not even a single droplet of water or detergent remains on the windows. Use the paper towel to clean and dry thoroughly. If the tinted film is on the inside of the window, you need to be extra careful.

Otherwise, water or the detergent can trickle down into the window panel and cause electrical malfunctioning. It is better to cover the panels with a cloth or paper to prevent the water or detergent from going there. Repeat the process for all the tinted windows.

There you have it! Your tinted windows are now good as new. Just make sure that any detergent that you are using is compatible with the tinted film or not. Otherwise, you might end up making an easily avoidable blunder.