How to store bike in apartment?


If you want to learn how to store bike in apartment, you need to follow some simple tips. Storing your bike is very important to maintain the good condition of your bike. This article will teach you on how to store bike in apartment. Let us begin by describing some of the things you need to consider when storing bikes in apartment.

First thing that you need to think is where you are going to place your bike. You should decide whether you will place your bike inside the house or in your garage. If you choose the place where you will place your bike, be sure that it is not too close to the house. This could be hazardous for both you and your bike. If you want a quiet neighborhood, you can go for the detached house. However, if you like to go somewhere during the weekends or in the evenings, you can go with the apartment where you live.

The second thing that you should keep in mind when you want to learn how to store bike in apartment is to properly lock your bike. For many people, locking their bike in the garage is the recommended way. But, this is not entirely true because you can prevent theft if you secure your bike well. There are some ways on how to secure your bike inside an apartment. Here are some of them.

The most important thing in learning how to store bike in apartment is to have a strong lock. It is a must that you buy a strong lock which is very difficult to be picked. If you want a more convenient and affordable way, you can go with plastic bike locks. These types of locks are not expensive but they are also not strong enough to prevent the theft. The other types of locks that you can use to store your bike are rusty locks, padlocks, and screw locks.

The next step to learn how to store bike in apartment is to make sure that you have removed any valuable items from the bike. It is not good for you to leave your valuable items inside your bike if you want to store it. This will be very dangerous since there is no way for you to get back your bike once it has been stolen. If you don’t want to be troubled about your bike being stolen, you have to learn how to store your bike properly.

Learning how to store bike in apartment is not that hard. You just have to follow these simple steps. This will ensure that you always have a safe place for your bicycle. Just always remember to lock your bike well, make it clutter-free, store and transport it properly.

How to clean a bike?

How to clean a bike

Many people, at one time or another, want to know how to clean a bike. There are several reasons for wanting to know how to clean a bike including looking after the appearance of the bike and maintaining its worth. There is a simple and straightforward way to get your bike tidy and keep it looking good. Giving your cycle a proper cleaning is an easy procedure to ensure that essential parts last much longer and this in turn will ensure that you keep your cycling pleasant.

Regular cleaning ensure your expensive bicycles not only save you money but keep your cycling smoother for years to come. Get you into the habit of servicing your cycle regularly; this in turn keeps the bicycles value higher. If you do not ride your bicycle regularly then treat it with care and clean it thoroughly before using it.

Make sure you use the same detergents and cleaning agents each time: Make sure you don’t mix up detergents and make sure you always use the same agent. This keeps the detergents from staining your clothes. It also keeps the same agents working efficiently, thus ensuring that your cleaner works efficiently too. If you are not sure what kind of cleaning agent to use then ask your local cycle shop assistant on how to clean a bike.

Toothbrush and sponge, two of the best things around for cleaning your bicycle, work well in conjunction with each other. Apply a little toothpaste to a sponge and make circular passes over the seat of the bicycle. Make sure you rub hard enough to remove all the dirt but not so hard that you risk scratching the paint. Rinse the toothbrush thoroughly before applying more toothpaste so that the toothbrush is completely cleansed. Use the sponge to scrub the sides and bottom of the bicycle, applying light pressure as you go.

Every bike cleaning task has to be accompanied by some chain lubricant. You can find chain lubricant in any cycle shop or carry a tube of it with you wherever you go. The chain lubricant makes your drive feel smooth and improves your maneuverability, especially when you go up steep slopes. However, chain lubricant has to be used every time you ride your bicycle, or else you risk damaging your drive sprocket which is situated near the center of the wheel.

For a dulling effect, spray your bike chain with a mild anti-abrasion liquid. Abrasion liquid can be found in almost any hardware store and they are very easy to apply. The abrasive compound acts as a polisher, making your drivetrain smooth and shiny. Make sure that you wash the lubricant from the sprocket to the brake surface before re-lubricating them, otherwise you will risk the same thing happening again.