Maximising Your Van Space


    As someone who works out of a van, you understand that the need for space is a top priority.  It is vital that we are able to take whatever we need with us on jobs and ensure that it is secure.  One of the best ways to achieve this is through the use of van storage systems.

    When it comes to van storage systems, there are lot that you can look at and understand.  Each system will fit a specific group of needs and specific vehicles.  When we have a van, we have a lot of space.  However, the need for van drawers and other storage devices is top priority.

    What are you going to be carrying?

    When looking at van drawers, you want to first determine what it is you are going to be carrying.  If you are an electrician for example, you will be taking with you a lot of tools, wire, connectors and other items that are small.  If you are a plumber, you will be taking larger items such as large rolls of tubing and pipes.

    Where to arrange items

    You will want to determine where you want to arrange your items before deciding on a van storage system.  Typically, you will arrange your items from most used in the back where the main doors open and the least used items more towards the front of the vehicle.

    You will also want to have the heavier pieces of equipment on the bottom of the van and the lighter pieces up higher.  This will ensure that larger, heavier items won’t fall and break your setup.  Also, when you have smaller items such as screws, connectors and other items along those lines, you want to have them in their own small containers as well.  This way, you can easily keep them organised and don’t have to worry about wasting time digging for miscellaneous pieces and parts.

    Straps and locks

    When you have van drawers you want to make sure that they are secure with locks.  If they can’t be secured with locks, you want to have straps or other netting that will keep these items secure and away from rolling around the van.

    Hazardous materials

    If you have hazardous materials in the van, make sure that your van is well ventilated and that all of your chemicals are secured tightly.  The last thing that you want to have happen is to spill volatile chemicals all over your van and the equipment, tools and other items that you have stored.

    If you do have a spill, make sure that it is cleaned up quickly.  If you are driving when a spill happens, make sure you get off the side of the road and tend to it as quickly as possible.  If you still need to drive, make sure that you wear a mask or ventilator and keep your windows open as far as they can go to avoid breathing in the fumes.

    There is nothing better than having a van or other vehicle that fits your needs and you can get the most out of.