Parking tickets can be tricky; know the inside outs of an NYC parking ticket.


New York City is a favourite vacation place for half of the world. Over time, it has become a concrete jungle, a place of street performers, crowded people on foot, traffic on the streets. With bumper to bumper traffic on the streets, finding a parking space can be quite a nightmare for visitors as well as local people.

Imagining the traffic problem, people of the city have started living a car-free life; have resorted to bicycles or are walking happily. But some people cannot walk or ride because of the distance and car ownership has grown a lot in New York City. Which means that finding legal and safe parking is even more difficult. As the city does not sleep, the police does not sleep either. So parking in an illegal space simply means that you are charged with a parking ticket. The more tickets you get, the more are your chances of the car getting booted, towed or impounded and paying hefty charges in turn.

Getting away with illegal parking is next to impossible. Parking violation fines and selling parking permits are the easiest revenue earning source for the city. Parking tickets are like the cash cows that bring hundreds of millions of dollars every year. The management has set up a system to pay online for your parking space. Failing to do so leads you to pay the parking fine plus the late fee.

If you have just received a parking ticket and citation number in the city, paying for it is not mandatory. You can fight for not paying the ticket if you feel it was an unfair charge. There are chances that your ticket has an error on it. If you have enough proof that the ticket was unwarranted, fighting for it can be the best that you can do to avoid paying.

If you are wondering where I can find help with my parking ticket; you have hit the right place.

There are ways to fight for a New York Parking Ticket.

  • If your parking ticket is not right, begin the process by requesting a hearing within 30 days after the ticket was issued.
  • Be present with all the evidence if you think the ticket was not rightly issued to you. Present those proofs to support your ‘not guilty’ plea in case your hearing is granted. Check small mistakes on the ticket if any so that there is no scope of errors later.

Reasons for a dispute in the ticket:

  • Ticket is illegible
  • Mention of wrong date, time or city
  • Wrong vehicle information( for example, wrong plate type, wrong plate number, model year, vehicle manufacturer)
  • Non-specification of details whether it was parked in ‘front of’, ‘opposite’, the address for which ticket is generated.

In case you do not want to fight for your parking ticket, then plan to pay the same right away to avoid any chances of a late fee or your chances of facing any additional consequences.

Next time you are stuck in New York Traffic and wondering where to park, and by mistake caught in wrong parking; and thinking who will help with my parking ticket; this article is surely going to be of help to you.