Finest Solutions for the Best Motorcycle Rent


As with the car, renting a motorcycle remains an excellent alternative to purchasing to have a means of personal mobility. This solution has many advantages, starting with the flexibility and variety of the offer. Why is it interesting to turn to rental? What are the particularities and formalities to know before getting started?

How much does a motorcycle rental cost?

The price for renting a motorcycle remains one of the main deciding factors to encourage you to take the plunge. The price of a motorcycle is, in fact, relatively high, and requires an adapted financing solution. The rental offer therefore allows you to enjoy your own two-wheeler without having to take out a loan. Note that the flexibility of the offer is suitable for occasional, regular or even daily driving. Make a visit to for the best options now.

Average estimates to pay for your motorcycle rental

As part of a motorcycle rental, the price depends on the desired model and the services of the requested company. On average, basic prices start around $ 45 for a day. For more powerful machines, it is necessary to envisage approximately 150 $ on similar bases. The cost of a rental day is based on the engine capacity of your motorcycle and the number of kilometers covered in 24 hours. In other words, the 125cm cubic are allowed to travel 150 kilometers. Beyond that, the rates are based on 200 kilometers. These assessments are general. They may present modifications according to contractual formalities.

Contractual arrangements designed for different scenarios

If your initial package is exceeded, you can benefit from a degressive formula for each additional kilometer. These estimates include the rental itself (including tax), as well as insurance. Options can be arranged according to your requests and needs. It can be the provision of a helmet or an anti-theft system, for example.

Do you need to provide a security deposit to rent a motorcycle?

Sometimes called “deposit”, the deposit is essential for a motorcycle rental. Again, it all depends on the model and the rental company. Its amount is generally between 1000 and 2500 $, or even more in certain cases.

The administrative formalities to rent your motorcycle in the rules

It is very simple to rent a motorbike. For this, you just have to justify your driver profile and provide the related documents before you can sign the contract.

What license to pilot a rental motorcycle?

Driving a motorcycle requires obtaining a category A driving license. If you have a B license, motorcycle rental of 125cm cubic ( rental of motocross or scooter for example) is authorized if you pass a training specific. You must also have held the famous license B for at least two years, and 21 years of age.

Supporting documents to rent your motorcycle

You must present your driving license to the rental company before you can dispose of your two-wheeler.

Other documents and supporting documents are to be provided:

  • your national identity card
  • the certificate of additional training for permit B
  • proof of address
  • the renter’s printed confirmation for an online reservation

A means of payment in your name, be it a check or a bank card, is also required to pay for your motorcycle rental and the security deposit.