Perfect Use of the Car Keys for You


Car keys are used to unlock the doors, but also to unlock certain functions, such as the immobilizer in the most recent models. Despite all precautions, it is still possible to lose your car keys. What if you don’t have duplicate? How to redo your car key?

There are three main types of vehicle keys. It is often the age of the vehicle, rather than the make, that dictates the complexity of key replacement. Now that you can get lost car keys in Kent you can have the best choice.

The whistling keychain

Don’t laugh, this little gadget could save you a lot of trouble. The whole concept is in the title: this keychain whistles when you trigger the remote control sold with it. The only condition for the maneuver to be effective, not to lose both the keys and the remote control.

The smartphone solution

Since today, you can do almost everything with your mobile phone, what could be more normal than a ” car keys application ” has recently emerged. Presented this year at the Auto Show, the concept is simple: a reader affixed to the vehicle allows the doors to be opened remotely by pressing a single button on your smartphone. Be careful that your battery does not run out, all the same, that would be nerd.

For the Older Cars

For older cars, the key is of a type that is limited to manually opening and closing the doors and starting. If you have a backup copy, key duplication does not take more than a minute. A responsible locksmith will ask for a copy of the registration certificate or other proof showing that you are the owner of the vehicle, but this is not systematic.

  • If your key is equipped with a first generation transponder (electronic link between the key and the switch), you will be able to find one from a specialized locksmith.
  • It will however provide the code of the key. If none of these specialists is located near you, you can order online.

For new generation keys, the switch to the dealer is often essential

This type of car key is indeed equipped with a rolling code transponder, also called a crypto transponder. In appearance, this key is very close to the unique code transponder key, but with the crypto key , a new code is programmed at each start, the computer being able to follow the changes of two keys only.

Some specialized mobile auto locksmiths are able to provide you with a new crypto key , but it depends on the model of car you own. Whether it is a locksmith or the dealer, you must provide the registration card or the identification numbers of the keys.

In the second case, the request is sent to the manufacturer who sends the new key within a period of sometimes up to 15 days. If you have repossessed your car, thanks to a duplicate key , you will have to bring it back to the dealership, so that the new key can be programmed .

Is the loss of a car key compensated by the insurance?

Redoing a car key can cost anywhere from a few dollars for the simplest models to over 200 dollars for a crypto model. The possible towing and some additional costs can result in a very high bill. Insurance does not reimburse the loss of car keys, whether it is a car or motorcycle or home contract. However, some bank cards offer the loss of keys guarantee.If you have taken out an assistance guarantee, it can cover the costs of towing and the provision of a rental vehicle.