Reasons to lease an Audi


A car that aptly opulent, amply spaced, and has agile handling is the kind of ride that is everyone’s dream. You want your car to be comfortable, affordable, and robust. Well, in such a case, Audi is the brand that provides you with class and comfort all in one. In case, you’re a little perplexed about the perfect place to purchase your dream car, then Rodo Motors is the auto marketplace you need to head to if you’re looking for durability and credibility. You can lease, buy, trade, and finance cars with them without any trouble. 

Leasing is one of the best options to turn to while purchasing a car because it helps enjoy the perks of it without the strain of maintenance. The warranty keeps you off the risk furthermore. On that note, Audi A3 and Q3 are the two best choices to make while leasing a car.

Audi A3

Buy or lease Audi A3  is the small luxury car that consists of numerous appealing features. Its turbocharged engine, spirited handling, strong build, and ambient interior makes it so impressive. Audi A3 holds 184 horsepower inSport models and 228 horsepower in the line of S. The car comes with a keyless start button, a driving mode that can be exclusively selected by the driver, comfortable seating, and 18-inch wheels which makes it perfect for a refined ride. Its fuel efficiency and energetic acceleration mark its incredible performance. The technology fitted into the car makes it even more exciting; the nine-speaker audio system, 4G LTE WIFI hotspot, and the center console qualify the car as exemplary. It is also equipped with an automated emergency braking which ensures safety. The self-parking, cruise control, and automated high-beam headlights are another exuberant feature of the car. Purchase yourself an Audi A3 on lease and you’ll get value for your money.

Audi Q3

If you’re looking for a mid-size SUV with a pesky robust engine, agile handling, and a deluxe interior than an buy or lease a Audi Q3 would be a perfect choice. This all-wheel drive ensures the provision of convenience, ebullience, and vigor. It comes with front seats that are power-adjustable, LED lighting, lane-departure warning, and a rearview mirror that has the ability to auto-dim. The stereo system is amazeballs for audiophiles. The built-in navigation system and the parking assistance package that comes with the facility of a 360-degree angle and self-parking ability adds up to the benefits of the car. Audi Q3 is also equipped with a wireless charging pad, LED headlights, and push-button start. It is also powered by a 228-hp four-cylinder engine that makes the ride extremely smooth. All these high-tech features with a price tag so affordable are just appalling. It also has a panoramic sunroof, cushiony seats, and super user-friendly features. The car has a lot more to offer than just class which seems to be from the outside. Taking up an Audi Q3 on lease provides you with a warranty together with all the benefits to savor. 

Get your favorite Audi on lease from Rodo online car marketplace at the most affordable prices and relish the experience.