Veritas Global Protection Puts Vehicle Service Contracts in the Spotlight



You just got the keys from the dealer.  It’s cobalt blue, the motor purrs like a kitten, and it’s yours. The dealer offers you a vehicle service contract. 

You decline the contract. You don’t want to think about things going wrong with your car this early in the game. 

You’ve already waded through the paperwork and politics involved in getting that gorgeous vehicle in your hands. Why waste your time on one more obstacle?

Veritas Global Protection is happy to answer that question. There are four reasons a vehicle service contract is worth your time and consideration. 

It Happens to the Best of us

Somewhere out there right now, a faulty car part made it into the supply line, and it got installed in a car, and that car made it all the way to the dealership. 

There’s a slim chance that you are the one that will end up buying that car. Is that a chance you’re comfortable with? Veritas Global Protection points out that a vehicle service contract is there to protect you if you end up with that one bad car. It’s not there to tell you your vehicle is going to have a problem. 

It’s there to protect you and your wallet if and when it does. 

Better Than Car Insurance

Veritas Global Protection hears it all the time: Why should I get a vehicle service contract when I have car insurance? 

Vehicle service contracts are not car insurance. What does car insurance protect you from? The behavior of other drivers on the road. If your car suddenly conks out while you’re on the road, car insurance won’t even take a second look at it. 

A vehicle service contract will keep your car going down the road and keep you from paying out of your life savings if a problem does arise. Veritas Global Protection wishes more people thought about this.

Emergency Repairs Cost

And they don’t just cost money. They cost time. They cost work-hours at your job. And if you’re stuck with the repair bill, your job itself might be part of the expense. 

A vehicle service contract is an expense, but it’s one that can be scheduled, and it’s nowhere near as expensive as a repair bill. 

Veritas Global Protection has a number of contracts for a variety of budgets. 

Excellent Resale Value On Your Car

Your ad for your car might say, “Runs great! No problems!” but how are you going to back that statement up? A vehicle service contract, provided that it’s transferrable, is a great way to prove to a buyer that the car they are buying is worth every dollar you’re asking for. 

Veritas Global Protection has contracts that can be transferred. 

Get The Protection Your Car Needs

Vehicle service contracts are many and varied, so you’ll want to take the time to shop around and listen carefully to what you’re being told. Veritas Global Protection can walk you through several plans that will protect you without robbing you. 

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