What Commercial Vehicle Servicing In Singapore Should You Regularly Get



Commercial vehicle servicing companies in Singapore are continuously increasing throughout the past few decades. As long as automobile companies continue to produce vehicle units, commercial or private, professional servicing will carry on. With these services, you can lessen the chances of costly repairs and vehicle downtime. Some of the most common vehicle servicing include oil changes, brake fluid replacement, tire alignment, hood and engine inspection, and automobile lighting diagnosis. Compared to private vehicles, commercial vehicles will need regular services in order to avoid more automobile damages and heavy dents on your wallet.

To break down everything you need to know about commercial vehicle servicing in Singapore, keep browsing.

What Commercial Vehicle Maintenance Servicing Should You Get?

Gettingcommercial vehicle maintenance servicing or programs in Singaporeis particularly crucial for those businesses relying on operating and using commercial vehicles and those industries that require uninterrupted functioning to keep their sales running, stable, and profitable. If you need help, consider this fundamental servicing checklist for successful vehicle maintenance.


Having a preventive maintenance program can help owners of different enterprises determine any potential maintenance issues and repair these before they strike, turn severe, and cause greater damage to the vehicle. This commercial vehicle servicing in Singaporecan help you get the most value and service out of your automobile.

Below is the list of typical items for conducting preventive maintenance services.

1. Oil Changes

Automobile engines have moving parts. These components rub against one another, creating friction and causing heat in the hood. If you get preventive commercial vehicle servicing in Singapore, make sure to add oil changes. Oil is a good lubricant for the engine, as it can absorb heat and allow the rest of the internal components to function effectively without any risks of overheating. However, like any other component, your oil tank may wear out, resulting in less effectiveness as a lubricant and heat absorber.


2. Tuning Of The Engine

Do you need a way to fuel the power out of your engine without purchasing a more powerful vehicle outright? Engine tuning is the solution for that! It is also a commercial vehicle servicing in Singapore wherein professional technicians can administer and tune your automobile to get more horsepower, fuel efficiency, and a cleaner burn.

3. Air Filter Changes

Your engine will require a large amount of air for proper combustion. Through air filters, the air you breathe within your car is free from dirt, bugs, and debris, which can sweep up into the intake systems or hood. If your air filter gets clogged, it can result in sluggish acceleration and constant flickering of warning lights on your dashboard. Also, with a clean air filter, your automobile can increase fuel efficiency, reduce exhaust emissions, and prolong the life of your engine and entire vehicle. Have commercial vehicle maintenance and inspection servicing in Singapore once a year or every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

4. Brake Fixing

Are there any times when you start to hear high-pitched metal-like screeching sounds from your automobile? If so, then you need a commercial vehicle servicing in Singapore. Trained mechanics will replace your brake pads. The maintenance technicians will inspect and assess how bad the condition of your brakes is first. If the sound is intensely loud or you sense high vibrations when driving, it is critical to call a mechanic for repair services.


5. Tire Rotation

If you want your tires to last as long as possible, the best way to do that is to get a tire rotation service. This type of commercial vehicle servicing in Singaporehelpsequalise the wear and tear that tires receive. Some parts of your tire have more contact with the road and track more heavily and are stressed compared to others, specifically, the front tires. These heavily stressed areas get worn down faster and receive higher levels of stress. Getting tire rotation services will swap the different parts of your tires to help them maintain their durability and condition and stay in action for a lengthier period.

6. Radiator Maintenance

Your radiator is the central component for preventing total engine failure and overheating issues. The radiator comes in a large square with coils, typically located at the hood directly behind the grill and engine. Radiator maintenance is commercial vehicle maintenance servicing in Singaporethat helps extend the life of your radiator. A properly maintained radiator can last between eight to ten years. To sustain its condition, keep the levels of the coolant at its most appropriate level and never allow it to drop too low, as this can cause overheating and damage to your radiator and engine. Also, if you notice any leaks in your cooling system, have these repaired as soon as possible.

7. Components Tightening

For many engine components, keeping them properly torqued and tightened is crucial for very many reasons. Frequently call in a mechanic or technician to inspect the condition and grip of some components, such as the cam covers, oil pans, front covers, supply pipe, cylinder head, and many more. With a specialist performing this commercial vehicle servicing in Singapore, you can prevent any signs of leakage, breakage, or damage.

Final Thoughts

The wide range of automotive services nowadays is quite impressive. It can come as cleaning, inspection, maintenance, repair, installation, or replacement services. With the wide variety of commercial vehicle servicing offered across the country,enterprises that utilise commercial automobiles will benefit the most. You have invested thousands of dollars in your vehicle. To get an ROI for it, you need to ensure that each unit or car is well-maintained. Proper maintenance does not only extend the life and health of your automobile. But it can also reduce repair costs, increase the safety of the riders and drivers, and keep your car at a high value if you plan to sell it someday or get a car refinancing loan in Singapore.

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