What Engine Sounds Mean and When It Is Time to Head to the Auto Repair Shop


Bountiful Auto repair shops have considerable knowledge of all the weird noises that an engine can make. Some noises as they come and go are a sign that everything is working as it should. Some noises are a cause for concern. If you find yourself hearing something out of the ordinary, then it is time to bring it into an auto repair shop. Any issue with your car should never be ignored as this can lead to some serious damage in a short period. It is vital to remember that a minor repair that is easy to take care of now can be quite an expensive trip to the auto repair shop in just a few weeks. Let’s take a look at common engine noises that require a quick trip to see your mechanic.

Knocking Noises

A low deep knocking sound can mean some problems are present deep in your engine. This knocking noise can also present itself as something that sounds like a ping. A worn-out part inside of your engine will cause this sound and will get worse with acceleration; if you hear it park your car and call your nearest Bountiful auto repair shop to come to help you.

Clicks and Ticks

Certain components of your engine, such as the timing chains, rocker arms, and camshaft, will make clicking or ticking sounds as they work, which is completely normal. What is cause for concern is that when these noises become louder overtime or the noises come and go. Parts can become worn out or malfunction if the oil is low, so it is best to check this first. If you notice there is still a problem after addressing the oil, you should contact your nearest Bountiful auto repair shop.

Acceleration noises

It is perfectly normal to hear noises while driving around Bountiful, but if you only hear these sounds when you accelerate, then that is a sign of a problem. Something that will require you to head into an auto repair shop is if these noises start small but grow louder as you hit the gas pedal. If there is pulsing or vibration in the pedal, this also may be cause for concern. If you experience noises when you hit the gas pedal or hit certain RPM levels, then it is good to have an auto repair shop check it out.

Braking Noises

Noises that occur during braking usually are a result of something being wrong with the brakes. One instance of it being an issue with your engine is if you only notice the sound when your vehicle slows down. If there is pulsing under your brake pedal, it is safe to say that it is actually to do with your brakes, but if the noise is coming from your engine, make sure to have it checked out at an auto repair shop.

If you notice a noise coming from your engine that is alarming, it is best to seek out service from your Bountiful auto repair shop immediately. A mild noise may not be anything at all, but better to be safe than sorry if it persists. Keep in mind that an engine is a complex structure, and a minor problem could put you at risk, so if your intuition says there is something wrong, head over to an auto repair shop.

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