What is the step-by-step guide to getting a car license in Dubai?


Applying for a car license in Dubai can be a very smooth process if everything has been undertaken with expert consultancy. Even though the country is having a very efficient public transportation system still the majority of the people are dependent on personal vehicles. To have a driving license is a mandatory and legal requirement to drive vehicles in Dubai. So, the driving license will not only be permitting people to enjoy a safe driving experience for themselves but also everybody on the road.

Any individual who is interested to apply for a car license in Dubai must be medically fit and should be the basic eligibility criteria of the minimum age. The minimum age will be depending on the type of vehicle which the people are interested to drive for example:

  • Anybody above 18 years can apply for the driving license of a car and light vehicle
  • The minimum age of getting the motorcycle license will be 17 years
  • Heavy vehicle owners can get a driving licence if they are 20 years and above
  • For buses, minimum age requirement will be 21 years

The required documents in the whole process are:

  • Original and photocopy of the Emirates ID
  • To passport size photograph
  • Copy of the residence visa and passport
  • Report of the eyes test
  • NOC from the sponsor if required

The procedure of getting the driving license in Dubai has been explained as follows:

  1. First of all, people need to open the file into any kind of registered driving centre in Dubai
  2. Then people need to pass the eyes test from any kind of optician which is approved by the driving institute and the Dubai health authority.
  3. After this, people to get themselves registered from the RTA approved driving school
  4. After this, people will be getting the temporary driving license to start the training throughout the process
  5. Then people are required to complete all the driving classes and pass the theory test, to begin with the practical training
  6. After this people need to complete both practical and internal assessments to begin with the road classes
  7. Upon the completion of the internal test, people can significantly apply for the RTA test
  8. Passing all these kinds of tests along with the final RTA road test is important for people to avoid any kind of chaos
  9. Once the individuals will be clearing all these kinds of testing systems, they need to obtain a licence from the traffic authorities
  1. In case individuals fail to clear this particular type of testing the need to finish the additional training before attempting the road test again and further having a clear idea about the comprehensive guide from the house of authorities is important.

Following are some of the very basic tips to be followed by people in terms of passing the driving test in Dubai:

  1. People always need to follow the speed limit so that there is no chance of any kind of failure of driving too slowly too fast.
  2. People need to make use of the side mirrors and indicate as before changing the line
  3. It is advisable for people to never forget to do a head check before making a turn
  4. People need to practise the parking techniques, especially the parallel parking
  5. The utilisation of the judgement while driving is a very good idea to deal with things very smoothly
  6. People always need to follow the instruction of the examiners to avoid any kind of chaos.

Hence, being clear about the technicalities associated with the UAE driving license is a good idea on the behalf of people so that they can become successful without any kind of doubt.