What should I know before selling my car?


At some point, it will be necessary to Sell My Exotic Car Atlanta GA either to acquire a new one or even for time of use. To make a sale without any surprises, it is always interesting to be aware of certain subjects to facilitate your negotiation. Next, we will comment on what you need to analyze so you do not lose out or have scares in the middle of your sale.

Vehicle documentation and debts

This is the main step for you not to encounter difficulties in selling your car, motorcycle or any vehicle you own. Documentation is essential to avoid unforeseen events or even a withdrawal on the part of your buyer.

Vehicle Registration Certificate

This is the main document to carry out the transfer of the vehicle. This document is issued on the vehicle’s first license plate. If you do not have it, you will need to request the second issuance of the document. 

Vehicle Licensing

A confusion that occurs with many drivers is the vehicle licensing. The Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate is an annual fee that allows the vehicle to circulate in the national territory and expires at the end of the license plate. If you are late or lost it too, you need to regularize it as soon as possible. Without it in hand, besides not being possible to sell your vehicle, you cannot drive with it.

Vehicle Debts

Another factor that many drivers often face problems when moving their car forward is debts that the vehicle has outstanding. If the vehicle has unsettled tax amount, traffic insurance, and fines, it will not be possible to transfer the vehicle to its buyer. Besides being an inconvenience, it can result in the cancellation of the purchase of the vehicle. So the tip is, pay all the outstanding debts of your vehicles and try to check if there are any that are not of your knowledge to take the proper solution to sell your vehicle.


The idea is to sell the vehicle when your lien is already downloaded and the car is fully in your name. If an unforeseen occurs and you need to sell the vehicle before fully paying off the car, know that it is possible to sell it. Although the profit from its sale is a little lower, it is possible to sell it. 

Market value of your vehicle

Knowing how much your vehicle is worth on the market is crucial so that you do not sell it far below what it is really worth. Of course, the current mechanical and visual situation of the vehicle needs to be taken into account.

Keep in mind that the first two years the devaluation of the car is much accentuated and in the following years it remains at an average of 10% per year. So try to carry out an internet search for your car models and see how much they are asking and make a query in the car evaluation table.

If you decide to use your car as a trade-in to buy another one at a dealership or store, keep in mind that they usually devalue your vehicle between 20% and 30% in relation to the market price.