Yamaha GT80- The Most Versatile Motorcycle you can Ever Own


Fora long, Yamaha has hogged the limelight for producing various types of motorcycles. However, the GT80 remains one of the topchoices for those who want a versatile motorcycle. Whether you are riding on the highways or off-road, the GT80 emerges victorious in all terrains.

Yes, it may not boast of some high-end specs which other motorcycles have, but it can easily endure the riding ordeals. Being available in comprehensive color options, you can also customize it as per your needs. And when the brand is Yamaha, you always know that you will get a good resale value.

So here are some of the Yamaha gt80 specs that you need to know.

Engine and Clutch of the Yamaha GT80

The Yamaha GT80 comes with a single-cylinder, two strokesair-cooled engine. Impressively, despite the presence of a 72cc engine, it can produce a maximum power of 4.90 HP, which is commendable. What’s more, the GT80 uses a wet plate clutch with a 4-speed manual transmission.

The presence of a lower CC engine has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. One of the main advantages of the GT80’s engine is that you would have fewer issues with maintenance. On the other hand, with a lower CC engine, you would face limitations in acceleration.

Durable and Lightweight Steel Frame

The GT80 comes equipped with a durable and lightweight steel frame, which exudes practicality to modern-day riders. In other words, the GT80 is an excellent motorcycle to ride in urban traffic conditions. Furthermore, the durable steel frame ensures ruggedness and more excellent air resistance when riding on highways at high speeds.

Final Verdict

So as you can see, the Yamaha GT80 is a great bike for urban traffic conditions. If you want a motorcycle for your daily commute, then don’t look beyond the GT80.