Auto Repair Trends That Changed with Modern Day Cars


In earlier times cars had some different mechanisms because of which they had to undergo certain auto repair norms. Last few years witnessed a sea change in the industry of automobile where the technologies used in various parts have changed the way of working. As a result, not only that the car drive and ride experience have changed, but it also had a huge impact on the auto repair industry.

The modern cars are in need of a different pattern of servicing to match the engineering procedures and components of the modern car. We learned from an experienced mechanic of the North Houston auto repair center, who shared his experience witnessing this shift of trends even in the auto repair sector.

Change in the Schedule

While older cars used to be recommended for the regular maintenance schedule of 3000 miles or a span of three months from the date of purchase, the latest cars have changed the time of this scheduled performance of maintenance to 6000 miles and six months of time. While many components needed a replacement once in six months, the interval for a replacement of those items has changed to once in a year, and in some, almost a lifetime.

Change of Intervals for Oil and Filter Change

The modern cars come with a cleaner breathing system that too need motor oil and air filters to work. It is the same way that they protect the car mechanisms from getting clogged up with dust and debris. But since the mechanisms have advanced significantly and the component of engine oil has shifted mostly from natural to synthetic, it takes more time to get contaminated, evaporated, and thicker. So, even the oil and air filter have to work lesser than the older days.

So in the modern cars you need to replace them only once in every two years, or only after when your car has travelled for more than 30,000 miles.


Today, there are tubeless tires that come with loads of advantages. These tires have largely replaced the earlier tire types that used to get blown off at the slightest of provocation.


The modern day cars are mostly equipped with automatic transmissions. This changed the driving habits of people, resulting into lesser number of driving errors. As a result, all the drive components get less wear, and the transmission itself need almost no repair work. But if at all it needs a repair, it will be more expensive now.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs in the modern day cars are now meant to last as long as a lifetime. Though sometimes the carbon deposits inside can have an effect in reducing its efficiency, it is usually not prone to damages.

Summing Up

The auto expert from the center of auto repair North Houston also reminded us that auto repair has become more easier and almost a breeze, since most of the repair systems are now using automated systems, supported with advanced machinery.