Telematics and Its Benefits to Any Business


You are probably thinking –what is telematics? The technical answer is that telematics is a method or system that brings information technology together with telecommunications. It is based on the hardware being positioned inside vehicles, which will then communicate using cellular networks – sending data back to servers either owned you or a third-party server on the cloud.

Monitoring your assets

Basically telematics is a new way of being able to monitor any asset (car, truck, drivers, heavy equipment, etc.) using GPS and diagnostics that are located onboard the moving asset to record all movements of – for example, a fleet of trucks – on a computerized map. For a fleet of trucks, it allows you to know where each and every truck and driver is at any time, how fast it is going and how a vehicle is behaving internally. It helps you identify problems that cost money and this is only one of the many benefits of telematics.

Important benefits

The best real-time benefits you will be able to see include:

  • Cost savings in many areas
  • Puts you ahead of competitors
  • Better customer satisfaction


It puts you ahead of your competitors. If you have this advanced technology, you can easily take their place in the market. Using this advanced technology to find and manage problems will put you ahead of your competition every time; not to mention the cost savings you can have in many areas.

Customer service

This gives you the upper hand with good customer services and people and other companies value good customer service so much they will even pay a little more to those companies that have it. In fact, studies have shown that customer services can out-trump the quality of your products or services.

Telematics will make money for you – and that is the most important real benefit.