The Bridgestone tire is one of the most internationally sold tire brands in the world and there is no doubting their pedigree an technological achievements. These brands excel brilliantly in both customer satisfaction and reliability while making them affordable and accessible in all fronts.

The company applies chemical and technological wonders in their rubber quality which only results to cutting-edge tires which are also affordable and accessible to everyone.

The company produces tires that are totally top-notch in anti-vibration and noise-insulating performances. Bridgestone also employs poly foams in their tire products which are sturdy materials used for engine belts.

Why you should choose Bridgestone?

The points mentioned above, are just some of the many reasons why the brand is capable of withstanding and surviving extreme weather conditions so s to ensure customer safety and satisfaction when raveling on both short and longer journeys. Arid, snowy and slippery terrains are a no problem for Bridgestone brands and maximum quality can be witnessed when skidding in any of the roads across the city and beyond.

Bridgestone tires also admit a long list of rubber manufacturing knowledge and techniques in ensuring it is worth every penny sent by both new and older customers. Being one of the most influential tire-making companies in the world, Bridgestone also specializes in industrial materials, rubber products and other diversified goods.

They can be found in Dubai tyre shop and anywhere across the globe including Asia. This makes them create a strong and everlasting partnership with customers’ worldwide as well as renowned automobile companies. Bridgestone also produce tires for motorcycle, aircraft, tractors and other heavy duty automobiles while maintaining the desires safety, affordability, durability and quality every road user deserves.


What are their variations?

Bridgestone also produces  tire tubes for all sizes of automobiles including trucks, cars, mini-buses, scooters, bicycles, tractors and caterpillars for  leisure driving, sport, or heavy duty work and construction.

Being a stickler for top quality in rubber, Bridgestone has also achieved an excellent level of expertise in producing other conventional rubber products such as car seats, belts, sporting kits and utilities. Let’s take a look at the ranges of Bridgestone models and their performance information;

  • Ecopia – These are fuel saving models built for minimal rolling resistance.
  • Dotenza -The Dotenzas are great for their strong grip and superior handling.
  • Turanza – These variants are just the right choice for luxury use and a quite travelling.
  • Dueler – The Dueler are versatile and a bit rugged for more aggressive conditions but maintains quality performance.
  • Blizzak – For icy roads and slippery terrains, the Blizzak model is the right choice due to its strong grip and powerful rubber.

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