Check Out the Latest Amazing Honda Models Released for the Year 2022


Honda is a brand name that the world of automobiles pay huge respect to. The reason is that Honda never failed to contribute to the industry with innovative technologies and performance abilities through its amazing models of different categories. At the advent of the year 2022, everyone who is interested in vehicles, will be awaiting the new releases from their respective favorite manufacturing brands. Here we are jotting down the models released by honda riverdale utah for the year 2022.  We gathered the facts and figures regarding these models from our much trusted Daly City Honda dealer who always keeps us abreast with the latest releases of our most favorite auto brand, Honda.

2022 Honda Insight

The 2022 Honda Insight is a sedan model that is built up on the platform of a two-motor hybrid system in collaboration with a 1.5-liter inline-4 gas engine. Both together make 107 horsepower and earns an impressive mileage which is estimated by the EPA as 52 mpg or 48 mpg, depending on the trim version you choose. The 2022 Honda Insight offers a spacious cabin that can accommodate five adult travelers while a space spread over 15.1 cubic feet at the trunk proved to be enough for a small family leaving their hometown for a weekend holiday, or even longer.

 The 2022 Honda Insight sedans ensure a safe drive with the help of advanced driver assistance features like automatic emergency braking, active lane control, traffic sign recognition and adaptive cruise control.

2022 Honda Passport

The Honda Passport has already captured the current market of SUVs in a nutshell. As more number of people started gravitating towards the larger crossovers, the eminent auto manufacturer Honda took a different turn and lined up its vehicles for the year 2022 with all those virtues packed in them which made them all the more irresistible. To be specific, the 2022 Honda Passport, is one of the most ideal model that can prove this point. It is essentially a family SUV that not only offers a comfortable and spacious family space, in its cozy cabin, but it also feels good while sitting behind the wheels, when it whiz passes its competitors on the road.

The 2022 Honda Passport has gained a higher ground clearance of late, while other driving dynamics under the hood and the carriage play their respective roles to ensure a consistently comfortable ride. The 2022 Honda Passport models can be ordered with an available all-wheel-drive system that make this SUV an excellent vehicle for the families who unite especially for the longer road trips and love to pursue camping excursions.

The 2022 Honda Passport also offers an impressive collection of advanced technology features in every possible aspect, right from installing a 10-speaker audio system to the safety corner that makes use of the standard adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist. The 2022 Honda Passport runs on a strong V6 engine and loads lots of cargo space, placing itself among the top-ranked midsize SUVs, opined the famous Honda dealer Serving Daly City.