Discovering Air Suspension Issues in Land Rover


Air suspension in a car is powered by an air pump or engine and is a very common part of a luxury car. It helps the car to run smoothly. The biggest advantage of the air suspension is that the spring suspension helps in less bumpy rides. There are many ways in which you can make Land Rover discovery air suspension problems. 

Check the Distance of the Car Level from the Ground

An air suspension helps in leveling up the car from the ground level. This helps in avoiding any bumps at the bottom of the car. However, if the car is very low at the ground, then it means that your air suspension is damaged. If the car is sagging only at the rear end, then there is a moderate leak. However, in the case of the car completely sagging, your suspension is into a serious leak.

Make Sure to Check the Suspension’s Components

To ensure that your suspension is fine, you should get your car serviced regularly. You should also get your suspension and its components checked. The hoses and rubber bladders are two parts of an air suspension that needs to be checked properly. A leakage of either of the components would result in damage to the air suspension.

Notice any Noises that are Strange in your Suspension?

If you hear any strange noises in the suspension, then it is an indicator that you need to get it checked. If you have newly purchased your Land Rover and it is making a noise, then you can claim for a new car under the lemon law Land Rover. This law is applicable in the cases when you are unable to repair the part or claim a refund or replacement of the part of the car.

Check the Age of the Air Suspension

Any parts of a car can deplete when it has started getting old. The older the part is, the chances of it getting damaged are high. Make sure you check how old your suspension is. If you find that the Land Rover you have bought has used an old air suspension, then you can ask the manufacturer or the supplier to replace the car. However, if your car is not replaced or the air suspension is not replaced with a new one, then you should hire a lemon law attorney to claim your rights. The attorney will ensure that your car or the air suspension is replaced with a new one.