How Mazda Has Improved Drive Safety in its 2022 Model Year Lineup?


Driving a vehicle can be exciting and thrilling, only when it is secured with a strong line of safety. Understanding this simple fact, Mazda has worked intensively towards creating the safest possible environment for the one who is managing the steering wheel. For this Mazda has even invented its own safety kit, which they name as i-Actiivsense.

To develop a deeper sense of understanding about how Mazda i-Actiivsense system works, we consulted a team of experts referred by the Mazda dealership Goodyear.

Knowing More About the I-Activsense

Mazda has equipped a package of safety and drive assist features in most of its vehicle models that is named as i-Actiivsense which is designed to warn the driver of every potential threat that is coming forth, and prompt him or her to intervene, in advance. But what is surprising about i-Actiivsense is that, it carries separate sets of features for the different models of Mazda.

But what is always assured in i-Actiivsense package in common are the following:

Radar Cruise Control

Mazda’s i-Actiivsense is consisted of an active cruise control system that becomes active to enable the driver with the ability to choose between the various distances to maintain between itself and the vehicle that is driving ahead on the highway. The aim of this feature is to maintain the pre-determined distance between the two vehicle, especially when the vehicle ahead suddenly applies the brakes or slows down without any prior indication.

Stop & Go Functionality

The Stop & Go function in the Mazda i-Actiivsense which is found in the Mazda CX-9 and Mazda CX-5 models to add an ability to stop the vehicle whenever needed, especially at the traffic queues in the signals to reduce the consumption of fuel when the car is idling. This feature allows you to start all over again with a simple tap of the accelerator and accelerate to the previous speed when the road ahead is clear.

Smart Brake

This is one of the most appreciated systems of i-Actiivsense that scans down the road up to 200 meters lying ahead. It comes handy at the event of any probable collision. The Smart Brake System will slow down the vehicle automatically by applying the brakes on the behalf of the driver.

Pedestrian Detection

Pedestrian detection is one of those important features of i-Actiivsense that can be seen in both the Mazda CX-5 and the Mazda CX-9 models. With the activation of i-Actiivsense, the Mazda car gets an added ability to detect the pedestrians or any other life anywhere near.

Lane Departure Warning System

This feature is used for scanning the lanes ahead, when you drive a Mazda car on the road. The LDWS can sense when the car is about to change lane and is doing so without switching on the indicator light for it and so starts warning you before you commit that mistake.

As described by the Goodyear Mazda dealership, Mazda’s i-Actiivsense also includes some advanced features like Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Adaptive Front-Lighting System, but you need to pay few bucks extra for to activate them in your Mazda car.