Disposing tyres can be a challenge for some since most waste management officers won’t allow them in the dump. Most councils eliminate tyres from landfills due to their shape. These tyres are usually pretty solid, and contain toxic smoke is set on fire, but they have value as a recycled item.

Making a plan on tyre disposal, how to dispose of, how to re-use before getting another one is quite important. Various things can be done with old tyres. Below are ways to do get rid of them properly.

  1. Find out the nearest place near you where you can recycle your tyre.

Special recycling organisations around responsible for tyre disposal service around where you stay can take your tyres and recycle them. Some of them offer services that help you get your tyre from your house. Most times, there are a few attached to recycling your tyres whether they come to pick it up or you drop them yourself.

If you’re concerned about the fee, there are no freeways to get rid of your tire, but you can turn your tyres to a DIY project in your home. Old tyres can be made into mulch, fuel, paving materials, and more at a recycling center. If you’ve more tyres that you want to get rid of, these facilities are wide open, and they are a good option for you. In some states, you must be licensed to haul a huge number of tyres at a time, and the numbers vary depending on the state in question.

To get a tyre recycling facility near you, do the following below;

  1. Contact your local recycling center that is responsible for tyre disposal service if they accept and if tyres are included.
  2. Go through your provincial EPA office information on tyre rules and regulations, including their facilities.
  3. Put a call through your city service department for resources.
  4. Check for a community hosted tyre collection program. Some communities around the nation hit events to collect tyres for a reduced cost or no cost at all to reduce illegal tyre disposal.


If you have old tyres in your home and you’re searching for ways to turn them into a DIY project in your home, below are few things you can use them for.

  1. Upcycled Tyre Ottoman.

This simple project is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. This project turns a tyre into a footstool or a side table.

  1. Tyre Flower Planter.

You can turn your old tyre to pattern that displays your beautiful plants. Tyres are nice to grow plants, but they should be used as planters for anything eatable because of the chemicals.

  1. Recycled Tyre Ladder.

You can turn your old tyres into a ladder that is quite easy and fun for your kids to play and climb on. 

Tyre disposal can be challenging at times, but they are not the only thing that needs special attention during disposal.