Is it Time for New Tyres? Here’s How to Tell


    Although today’s vehicles come with all sorts of safety features, one of the most important is your tyres. A worn tyre provides less grip, which puts you at risk of losing control of your vehicle on a wet road. These tyres are also more likely to fail, and they decrease your car’s fuel efficiency. With these problems in mind, look for the following signs that it’s time to replace your tyres.

    Increased Road Noise

    While some symptoms of tyre wear are visible when you’re stopped, others become apparent only when you’re driving. An obvious sign is excess noise that comes from the tyres. The sound is caused by the extra surface area of the tyre that touches the road because the tread is almost gone. If the noise gets louder when you drive faster, it may be the right time to buy new car tyres.

    Cracking Sidewalls

    Thanks to technological advances in the rubber industry, your car’s tyres are designed to live a long and useful life. Rubber is a natural material, though, and it can break down when it is continually exposed to the elements. As the rubber in your tyres decays, you may begin to see sidewall cracks. This increases the risk of tyre failure, so it’s important to replace them as soon as possible.

    Air Leaks

    Another indication that it’s time for new 4X4 tyres is when they simply won’t hold any air. While an air leak can be caused by a puncture due to road debris, that’s not always the case. If your tyres are so old that the tread is wearing rather thin, they may leak even in the absence of a puncture. After having your tyres inspected, browse our selection online.

    High Mileage

    When manufacturers sell tyres, they’re rated to last a certain distance. These ratings are based on a tyre’s construction. If you have exceeded the manufacturer’s rating, a new set of Nitto Trail Grappler tyres may be in your future.

    The Steel Belts are Showing

    All tyres are built with steel cords or belts in the rubber, which provides additional rigidity and strength. If the tyres’ rubber is worn, the belts may show through. If your car’s tyres are so worn that the belts are showing, it’s best to have your vehicle towed to a tyre shop, as it’s unsafe to drive.

    Uneven Tyre Wear

    When your tyres wear unevenly, it may indicate that they need to be changed and your vehicle needs an alignment. Improper alignment will lead to an imbalance when driving, which increases wear on certain parts of a tyre. The parts that are worn are more likely to fail, so replace the tyres and rims as soon as possible.

    Closing Thoughts

    Except for the signs that appear when driving, you’ll only see tyre wear if you inspect your tyres regularly. Every month or so, take some time to look at your tyres and check for the signs listed above By checking out the official website. If there’s a problem, you can count on us to help you find new tyres that will keep you, your passengers, and other motorists safe.