Know these driving habits that can impact your overall truck performance

Know these driving habits that can impact your overall truck performance

A lot of people have been comparing a passenger automobile to that of a long-haul truck. Well, there lies a huge difference between driving an automobile and a long-haul truck. There are a good number of things that a passenger vehicle can notably perform. But, if the same would be performed by someone who is used to driving a long-haul truck, he would find it difficult. Whether you are a regular truck driver or a seasonal one, you should be aware of the various driving habits that impact truck performance. Here are the most important ones out of them. Have a look:

  1. Excessive idling

According to a good number of surveys, more than $3 billion is invested on fuel with the intention of powering the notable truck engines. There exists a need for every truck to follow the rules and regulations for the significant idling. Also, the truck must ensure that it is using an APU just in case it would need power for a longer tenure.

  1. Hard braking

If you are successfully able toavoid hard braking, then you won’t have any chance of getting stuck in the truck breakdown service in Gainesville. One can prevent hard braking by notably practising defensive driving in the finest possible manner.

  1. Unfavourable vehicle warming

Just in case the outdoor temperature is around 32 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to charge your engine for not more than 3-5 minutes. This is done with the intention of warming up the engine. With its help, your vehicle is going to rid of futile tension and strain.

  1. Usage of brakes while moving downhill

If you keep on pressing down the brakes of your truck for a longer tenure, it can lead to notable friction between the rotor and the pads. Due to the same, there would be the prevalence of crystallized material on the shoes. This would harden the surface and leave a detrimental effect on your brakes’ overall performance.

  1. Usage of underinflated tires

One of the most common bad driving habits that impact truck performanceis none other than the usage of underinflated tires for driving. Long-haul trucks are known to carry heavy loads and that too for a longer tenure. Just in case any of the tires seems to be underinflated, it will lead to fuel wastage because of the increase in drag due to the rolling resistance. Apart from that usage of underinflated tires shall also lead to a decrease in the life of a tire and increase accident risk.