Popular Helicopters to Buy


There are many different reasons why people want to own a helicopter.

What is your reason to buy a whirlybird?

  • Does it save you time?
  • Or you wish to explore those otherwise inaccessible territories on earth.
  • Just for fun… alone or with friends or with family.
  • You are a public figure and the public transport is not pretty comfortable.
  • Or for status. By owning a helicopter you earn more respect.

Well, whatever be your reason for owning a helicopter, the very first step towards buying a helicopter is to know about the popular helicopters and their offerings.

And that is precisely why YOU are reading this piece of article, aren’t you? And that is precisely why WE are presenting this article.

Augusta Westland 109 Power Grand

Thanks to its extended cabin and main rotor, a cool versatile aircraft can accommodate seven passengers plus the two pilots. This luxurious helicopter has highly attractive interiors that are not only soothing to your eyes but takes good care of your overall comfort as well.

The baggage compartments are pretty spacious to keep even your large-size belongings with ease.

And if you think that it is only the beauty and comfort that defines Augusta Westland 109, then just wait a while and look at what it has to offer to showcase its engineering excellence.

Yes, the two turbo-shaft engines can take you to a distance as far as 589 miles.  And the speed of 285 mph that Pratt and Whitney Canada PW207C engines can theoretically take you that far in less than two and a half hours. Astonishing, isn’t it?

Sikorsky S-92

Wishing to fly high with your whole friend fraternity? Sounds challenging?

Well, Sikorsky S-92 is waiting eagerly to welcome you with open arms.

A huge capacity of boarding 19 people at 173 mph is made possible by the two powerful GE CT7-8A turbo-shaft engines. Besides, the main motor has four composite extendable blades and can take you 620 miles away from the place of boarding.

The lavish designs can amaze you with their super-luxurious range and variety. The unbelievable design options like granite flooring or crocodile leather added with fascinating seat belt buckles having satin gold finish can blow off all your imaginations.

Robinson R22

A small yet luxurious helicopter, Robinson R22 is a two-seater flyer providing a highly comfortable option for the two of you. The highly convenient cabin includes a heater to keep the temperature under check and a defogger to keep the windscreen clear of condensate.

To get you a wonderful flying experience each time you go up and far, the cruise is powered by a Lycoming O-320 engine. It can take you to 285 miles in less than 3 hours at a moderate speed of 109 mph.

Robinson R22 is equipped with two blades for both the main rotor as well as the tail rotor system and despite its small size is a very powerful chopper.