The Essential Car Maintenance Tips You Should Follow Every Year



    One of the most essential car maintenance tips that you should follow is to keep your car clean. Whether you are a daily commuter or you drive for long distances, there are chemicals and fluids in your car that can cause serious harm to the environment. These harmful fluids and chemicals can contribute to acid rain and make the air toxic to breathe. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and protect your vehicle from unnecessary damage, it is best to do regular maintenance on your car.

    One of the most common car cleaning tasks is washing the car. You need to use warm soapy water and a soft sponge to wash away dirt and oil buildup in the engine compartment. After washing the car, it is important to give it enough time to dry. You should avoid washing your car with the windows open because the car’s oils and chemicals will seep out through the windows.

    The next step in car care maintenance is detailing your car. You should detail your car once every year. Detailing involves washing and waxing your car, restoring it to its original shine, polishing it, and other detailing services that will make your car look as good as new. Although detailing requires you to spend extra time and money, it is an essential car maintenance tip that will save you money. If you are planning on detailing your car, it is wise to hire professional service providers who have the necessary machinery and expertise to properly clean and restore your car. To know more about the essential car maintenance you should follow every year, check out and read this infographic made by Ichoose PH to learn and know more about information.

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    The Essential Car Maintenance Tips You Should Follow Every Year [Infographic]