Things to consider when purchasing a fishing trolley


    Considering buying the fishing trolley – choosing the one that can hold all of your tackle, yet is easy to push or pull around. Earlier it was easy to go out for fishing. We just needed to carry the wicker creel, a rod and a net. But it is not the same now – we have too many gears to carry around while going out for fishing. And so, transportation becomes a must to have.

    Many forms of trolley and barrow are available in the market these days. The most important feature to look out when purchasing the trolley for your tackle is to check if it could take all the kit in it. Do not go for the lightweight trolley, as the smaller size will effortlessly get overloaded and become unbalanced. On the other hand, the massive sized one would be heavier for you to lift. So choose a fishing trolley that suits you the best. Size and weight are primary issues to consider when buying a new one, especially if you have to negotiate stiles, gates and rough terrain to cross with it.

    The next feature to look out for in the comfort of transportation of the equipment. The best trolley to buy is one that has quality wheels – that makes all the difference, but sadly the most ignored part of the trolley. You might end up struggling to fit all of your tackle inside your vehicle when the trolley takes up a lot of space.

    Check for the ones that fold down flat and has detachable wheels in it. Choose the ones that can be broken down and loaded effortlessly inside your car without taking much of the storage space. But you should be aware of how to assemble it accurately too. Check for the ones that are easy and quick to dismantle without wasting your valuable fishing time. A folding fishing trolley is the best to use when you are down at the bank, and it does not get in your way when you are fishing. Moreover, it saves space.

    Also, check for the trolley that comes with straps or bungee that helps you to secure the load in place. Ensure that once you are packed, the content is stable and does not move around inside your car.

    Checklist for buying the fishing trolley are:

    –      Easy to set up – Assembling and dismantling with ease

    –      Does it fold flat

    –      Removable wheels

    –      Check for bungees and straps

    –      Tyre quality

    –      Weight of the fishing trolley

    –      Stability when fully loaded

    –      Wheel position

    –      Strength of the frame

    –      Handle extension

    –      Size of the loading area

    –      Maintenance and repair service

    An electric fishing trolley is an added comfort against the hard work you need to do on the pushing and pulling the conventional two-wheel trolleys. Contact Golf Trolleys UK to find out more information on the best fishing trolley and repair services we offer to our customers in Oswestry and across Shropshire.