Why Switching to Heavy Duty Leaf Springs Improves the Drive of Your Vehicle


    There could be a time when you wondered about upgrading or changing to a spring that is heavy duty instead of just changing what you’ve got with the identical item if your leaf springs have deteriorated out prior to what you planned. Before you make these choices, it is important to examine whether there may be any downside to switching to heavy-duty leaf springs. Not all vehicle is used in this way, because when it comes to leaf springs, each vehicle does have its own needs, and understanding your use is important when deciding on what substitute leaf springs to buy.

    The drooping, tire-hoping, swiveling and slouching that you can encounter with your vehicle will be removed by heavy-duty springs, and will bring some overall stiffness to your ride. You are going to notice improved handling the load and lower leaf — spring wear by contributing to the stiffness of the spring.

    The contrast between driving flat and riding with a full load

    The most main factor to consider about using heavy duty springs is definitely the disparity users’re going to get on and feel among driving with a full load and driving without much of a load. You would be able to bear more weight and have less wear on your leaf springs with heavy-duty leaf springs, since they are built to support the greater load without compressing to the point that their construction gets damaged. Heavy-duty leaf springs are tougher and avoid weakening as easily as standard leaf springs, so that without the leaf spring bottoming out, the load can travel smoother. If you are trying to haul very heavy loads, this can be a huge help.

    Regarding heavy-duty leaf springs, though, there will be something to remember. If you ride in your vehicle frequently without a load, then when they are not under load, the heavy-duty springs will sit a bit high. In some cases, this can trigger some issues with your vehicle’s handling. That being said, if you are occasionally without a load, this is not a concern, but if you regularly drive without any load, consider using SuperSprings instead, which can take any extra load only after their full load is borne by the standard leaf springs.

    How to decide whether a Heavy Duty Upgrade is required

    It’s evident that an upgrade to heavy-duty leaf springs makes perfect sense in some situations, including when you use pickups as work vehicles on work sites, or if you have other extensive commercial uses. Or else, it is important to weigh a variety of factors, varying from how you can use your truck to how your regular suspension performs in daily use.

    A heavy-duty solution may have a positive effect when you routinely tow to full capacity or bear heavy workloads on a daily basis. Have you ever had to repair your leaf springs before, or had any suspension problems? These are also signs that an update is required.

    Though on the other side, there’s many factors that mean that an OEM substitute could be safer for you if your factory-installed leaf springs were always strong and you are using your vehicle for long-distance driving and regular transport uses.

    So, incase you’re wanting to upgrade your leaf springs, you can find out more information through Sanderson Leaf Springs. With a variety of springs to choose from, they are here to provide you with the highest quality leaf springs.