Info to know about 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV


Chevrolet decided that EVs are not just enough for their customers and thus, led to the launch of the 2023 Bolt EUV or Electric Utility Vehicle. It is a remarkable vehicle that is ideal for everyday driving along with a roomy cabin that can easily carry weekly shopping items and more.

Therefore, it is a good car to get when reaching Lenoir Chevrolet dealer but one should be aware of this vehicle in detail before bringing it home.

Overall design

People will find similarities between Bolt EV and Bolt EUV; however, there are ample aspects that make this EUV quite different from any other option. The major design that makes it different from Bolt EV and other cars in this segment is its front grille. This uniquely designed grille along with the sharp headlights gives it a diverse look.

The interior is created likewise to match the exterior portion. This cabin is nicely trimmed and made to look stylish to increase its appeal among customers. A push-button gear shifter and steering wheel with a flat bottom is what gives it a modernistic design, which is the default for all versions.

The seat upholstery is what people find quite cheeky due to the geometric pattern styling. Also, this EUV model is wider, taller, and longer than an ordinary Bolt hatchback model. People sitting at the back of this vehicle enjoy ideal comfort due to this car being bigger in dimension than its gas-powered counterpart. With more leg space and headroom, it is convenient for people to sit easily and opt for long rides in it.

Moreover, with such extra space, people will enjoy more room for hauling luggage, groceries, etc. To check out the actual available space for this vehicle, you need to visit Lenoir Chevrolet dealership.

Electric motor

There is only one electric powertrain available for this vehicle. The motor fitted in this vehicle delivers 200 horses and comes in an FWD setup only as AWD is not possible with just one electric motor. Like all EVs, this car offers instant acceleration and shoots off the line when the signal turns green. Its regenerative braking permits drivers to opt for one pedal drive that recaptures energy and extends Bolt’s driving range.

Its perky acceleration results in reaching 0-60 mph within 6.8 seconds which is at par with most of the EVs in modern times. In addition, its handling is competent and agreeable traits make every drive a comfortable aspect for all even if the rough is not smooth.


The default battery pack of BOLT EUV is a 65-kWh unit that offers people a driving range of 247 miles making it an ideal competitor in this category. Also, people can charge the battery using a standard household 120-volt outlet; however, most people try to charge it using a 240-volt system to charge it fast even at home. In addition, people can go to DC stations for fast charging where it will add a driving range of 95 miles in 30 minutes or so.

Knowing these few things will help you to understand why it is a great EV to get!